Acoustic comfort: leave out the noises

Beyond specific limits the noise can become a threat for health. In choosing a window or door it should be considered their acoustic insulation features, measured in decibels (dB). The greater the value, the better the insulation effectiveness. Wood has good acoustic insulation properties but glazing and seals are crucial elements. Linealegno products offer an acoustic insulation of up to 42 dB, thanks to the use of our excellent glasses reducing noise pollution up to 80%. Linealegno insulating glasses are made up of stratified glasses created to reduce noise and to offer a better quality of life in your home.

Thermal comfort: home well-being

Most of the heat of a home is dispersed through the windows. This value is called ai???thermal transmittanceai???, a measure indicating the insulating capacity of windows or doors. Therefore, in order to guarantee a comfortable living, it is necessary that the elements of the building envelope have a low value of thermal transmittance. The design and manufacturing of our products, together with the use of low emission and solar control insulating glasses, optimize the thermal comfort keeping the heat inside the home during the winter and filtering the ray of the sun in summer. It is also important to consider a suitable air recirculation in order to keep the correct humidity rate in your environment. For this reason it is possible to install bottom hung opening systems.

Permeability: maximum protection against rain and wind

A window must protect from rain and air: it can not allow the air filter through, it has to prevent water infiltrations and it must resist to the wind. The silicone treatments of the glass, the use of extruded rubber seal and the aluminium thermal-break threshold, allow the right air and water evacuation. Linealegno systems guarantee the respect of European legislation with products marked EC which have reached great outcomes fro the three parameters: class 4 for the air, class E1050 for water tightness and class C5 for resistance to wind load.

Energy saving: it helps the environment saving money

The 40% of the domestic heat is dispersed through the windows. Therefore, when choosing a window, particular attention should be paid to thermal insulation and thereby to energy saving. Linealegno products* satisfy the requirements of the Passiv Haus model and of the Oro class of CasaClima project, which is the highest class that identifies homes with energy requirement less than 10 kWh/m2a, the so called ai???1 litre homesai???. The efficiency of our products together with the use of insulating glasses guarantee an undeniable economic advantage and a lower environmental impact with a greatly reduced CO2 emissions. * Data referred to 92 Clima collection