Our company also produces insulating glasses.

The insulating glasses protect your home from cold and noise pollution and reduce the heating bill avoiding energy losses and ensuring maximum safety in case of accidental breakage. The double glazing is made up of two glass sheets and a spacer profile delimiting an air or noble gas cavity. The tightness of the room is assured by a double hermetic barrier made up of organic sealing ensuring mechanical stability. Compared to a normal glass, the double glazing is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, offering energy saving. The use of warm edge spacers also guarantee a great thermal insulation.



The glass quality is assured by an accurate control system of the raw materials and the productive process.

Raw materials control:

  • check for the presence of vision waves on the glass sheets
  • check of the welding spacers
  • check of the expiration date of butyl primary and secondary sealant
  • check of the drying agent absorption capacity

Productive process control:

  • cutting and edge removal
  • glasses washing and drying
  • filling of the spacer groove with dehydrated salts
  • primary sealing carrying over the first glass on the spacer groove
  • assembly of the two double glazing
  • pressing
  • external sealing
  • control of the finished product
  • primary sealant hardness